Dagens ord er “Stenophagous”

Nam! Et super lækkert ord for det med kun at spise få ting.
Alfreds favorit er stadig pasta med pesto.

The Third Glance

ste·noph·a·gous  (st-nf-gs), ste·noph·a·gic


Feeding on a single kind or limited variety of food. (steno = narrow, phagus = feeding on/consuming prey of)


I learned a new word today while working on a term paper (a friend of mine found it, actually, and loved the word so much she had to share): Stenophagous. The dictionary defines it as eating a limited variety of food. It was used in a context of something quite unrelated to humans, but I can’t help but think that the word applies incredibly well to a lot of us on the autism spectrum.

While I like to consider myself a relatively healthy, varied eater, I know this really isn’t the case. I have a few (probably about 8) meals that I cook for myself that qualify for lunch and/or dinner. I have the same breakfast nearly every day (cinnamon raisin bagel with butter, and if…

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